Virgo April 2023 Astrology Predictions

Hello Virgo welcome to your April 2023 Astrology forecast let’s go ahead and Take a look at what’s coming up for the Rest of April uh so right now I think The biggest thing for you Virgo is the Fact that you’re ruling planet Mercury Is in pre-shadow and he is going to be Officially retrograding on the 21st of April so right now Mercury is already Starting to slow down and if you notice Here’s Mercury here in yellow he I’m Sorry about that he is kind of Sandwiched in between Uranus and this North Node here and both of these Planets have very Strange Behaviors okay Uranus can be unpredictable and chaotic Disruptive but he can also bring a ton Of genius and Brilliance and Innovation And invention into our lives and then we Have this North Node which can often be A little Delusional sometimes and we don’t always Have a very clear perspective with Something and for you Virgo these two Uranus and North Node have absolutely Been highlighting a strong desire for Freedom and expansion okay whether That’s freedom of Mind through education Or philosophy or theology or religion or Whatever the case your spirituality Right all those things or if it’s Actually Financial Freedom or it could Be just freedom of time or whatever the Case is but I know that Virgo has been

Asking the universe for an opportunity To become more free and to really Alleviate or eliminate the things that Make them feel bogged down and burdened This Mercury retrograde is likely to Highlight Or bring to light I guess we could say a Way out okay whatever that means that’s Going to mean different things for Different people but it’s going to Highlight and accentuate a way out if You are in a situation that you are very Unhappy with and you are just waiting For the right time or your way like I Remember back in the day when I was with My toxic ex or whatever I remember Um waiting for him to like cheat on me So that I could finally feel okay to Like get out of the relationship right Because I knew he was going to do it I Knew it was going to happen again right And then As soon as he did boom I was able to Bounce right and so I feel like you’re Waiting for the right circumstances to Make you feel really really good about Leaving something behind and I would Think that this particular Mercury Retrograde would offer something pretty Substantial for you to be able to do That now this may not have anything to Do with other people this could just be You with a certain pattern or a certain Habit or being in a certain place or

Whatever that case is and reaching that Point of getting like getting fed up With something or getting so frustrated That you actually do start to take Action ninth house is an agitated house It doesn’t like to sit nothing likes to Sit still here either our minds have to Be expanding and learning and growing or Our life experience needs to be doing The same so this retrograde I think is Going to hit Virgo pretty hard and it’s Going to be hard for others to really Hang on to Virgo you know I I think You’re looking so far be Beyond and it’s Going to be difficult for other people To keep up now this retrograde is being Accompanied by an eclipse all right so On the sixth we had the full moon in Libra and over the next couple of weeks We have the moon waning so the Moon is Getting darker but it’s actually growing In energetic intensity because it’s Making its way into that perfect Alignment with the Sun and the Earth Right we have the Earth the moon and the Sun in perfect alignment for that total Solar eclipse which is happening on the 19th here in the U.S And that’s happening also with the 29th Degree of Aries now This eclipse on the 19th Remember the Mercury retrograde starts On the 21st so it’s actually really only Like a day a day and a half between the

Two events So at the time of the eclipse Mercury is Basically standing still and it’s not Just standing still but it’s standing Still right next to Uranus so there’s a Lot of room for something big to happen Now it does not have to be dramatic and It does not have to be destructive for Your life so don’t freak out but chances Are it is going to be something that you Say I’m done with this right eighth House is all about death and Specifically eighth house is really About the death of our ego the death of Our identity the death of what we think Our life is it really crumbles that Concept and that perception and makes Room for the new self-concept and the New identity to emerge which is what the Ninth house is about so this eclipse There does seem to be a Consciousness Like a willingness for Virgo to Completely eliminate a particular aspect Of their life okay you’re eliminating Something that you’re not happy with and Something that has been bothering you And that’s been building up and building Up and you know yeah it might include Someone else but there also might be Something Financial as well in the Eighth house let’s let’s say you’re Married and there might be a certain Financial situation that you and your Spouse need to deal with like maybe you

Have a debt or something like that and Uh you finally say to yourself like okay It’s time for us to really take care of This let’s eliminate it so that we can Breathe more easily moving forward if There’s anything that has been making You feel Buried under or bogged down or feeling Tethered and trapped this is a time to Confront it and I don’t think you’re Gonna be able to really stop that Confrontation from happening with the Uranian influence here with this Mercury Retrograde it’s going to be something That your You’re gonna face you’re gonna deal with And you’re gonna find a strategy on how To get out of it and you’re going to Start implementing that strategy so we Also have Venus coming into Gemini on The 11th what I really like about this Is that Virgo if you need help with Anything People are going to be so willing to Help you okay if you’re needing Um to work together with someone or to Collaborate or you need advice or Counsel people are going to be very Forthright with you and yeah they may be Honest but I think that’s what Virgo Wants Virgo wants honesty it wants Directness it wants someone to come in And be like hey Virgo this is how to fix The problem or follow this person or

Follow this strategy or whatever the Case is Um Virgo wants that direction and I Think there’s a nice receptivity that That Venus is bringing into that 10th House where people are just naturally Gravitating toward you naturally wanting To help or to be a part of what you have Going on this can absolutely help with Your career it can help with any eighth Or ninth house themes of finding that Freedom right and it can help with any Sort of projects or any Anything else that you have going on but I wouldn’t be afraid to include other People I I do think with Mars in the 11th and Saturn in the seventh that Um Virgo is kind of needing to get out Of that hermit phase and start Really leaning upon and relying upon Their own personal Network for the sake Of their Evolution okay now on top of all of this We also have Pluto which is also slowing Down preparing for his retrograde which Is happening on May 1st so really we Have that eclipse on the 19th we have Mercury retrograde on the 21st And then we have Pluto retrograde on May 1st so that last week and a half of April is really when we’re going to Start to feel The essence of what April is and what April is really supposed to bring

You know I I look at Pluto in the sixth And we’re just getting a little taste of It right now you know just a little a Little foreshadowing or a little Foresight into what what this Transit is Going to be like And I know this is helping a lot of People think about how they live their Lives thinking about their daily habit This is sixth house right so thinking About daily habits thinking about health Thinking about organization and the Structure and the discipline in which With which you live your life And Pluto is going to bring Change that’s what he does he transforms Us So if there are things in your life that You say this could be improved you know I wish I didn’t have this habit I wish I Could just be more focused I wish I Could do this I wish I could do that I Wish I was one of those you know Stereotypical Virgos that had a Perfectly clean house or something Whatever it is that you’re thinking Um Pluto is starting to really stir up That desire is starting to say it’s time For us to put a massive in massive Emphasis on this for our lives we need To exercise more we need to spend more Time Outdoors we need to you know do Whatever everyone’s gonna have their own Little things here

Um But it’s just sort of coming into our Mind and I think this is a part of the Freedom You know you know like let’s say you’re You you have health issues I I say Health because it’s the sixth house so Let’s say you have some health issues That you need to contend with well a Part of the freedom here is also taking Care of your health right in order to Truly experience true Freedom you must Also be physically healthy uh let’s say You have the debt I mentioned debt with That Eighth House you know uh eclipse Going on if you have debt This is you saying all right I need to Start saving my money and taking money Aside every month and really You know bring that debt down as much as I can and that’s a new habit that needs To be established because in order to Have that freedom that debt can’t be Hanging over my head all the time all Right so there are going to be different Things activated for each of you Obviously you all have your own Individual lives but um this is a time To think about and to focus on Abundance as it is associated with your Freedom of time and your Financial Freedom your freedom of mind all of that Because I do feel a strong shift I mean Well that’s for everybody but it is

Going to be especially potent for you And also Gemini because Mercury is your Ruling planet and you’re gonna feel the Effect of that Uranian connection there And getting fed up and annoyed and Irritated with yourself and anyone else That seems to be you know trying to keep Your feet planted I don’t think Virgo is Going to really handle being planted Right now they want movement they want Things to to finally get going there’s a Lot of impatience for Virgo as well so This is a good month to really just Start taking care of stuff you don’t Avoid it you confront it you know if You’re someone who’s You know like let’s say you’re afraid of Looking at your bank account right look At your bank account look at your bills Look at this look at that deal with that Conversation with your spouse you know Whatever it is don’t avoid the things That you might be avoiding because the More and more you avoid the more Frustrated this Freedom loving Transit Is gonna be and that may come out more Aggressive than you would you would help Okay I’m already feeling that Mercury Retrograde man I feel so tongue twisted Hopefully I made sense I really really Hope so you guys know I love you have an Amazing April and I’ll talk to you soon Take care

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