The Awakening Experience w/Rich Lopp + The Leo King – Tarot 8 of Swords – Denial,Trapped,Repression

Welcome to our blog post where you will explore “The Awakening Experience” with Rich Lopp and The Leo King. In this insightful journey, you will delve into the profound meanings behind the Tarot 8 of Swords card, which symbolizes themes of denial, feeling trapped, and repression. Get ready to unravel the layers of this transformative experience and discover the key to unlocking your true potential. Are you ready to embark on this enlightening adventure? Let’s dive in and awaken your consciousness!


Have you ever felt like you’re stuck in a never-ending cycle of denial, feeling trapped, and repressing your true self? The Leo King and tarot expert Rich Lopp have come together to shed light on the 8 of Swords, a card that represents exactly that. In this article, we will explore the awakening experience with Rich Lopp and The Leo King, and dive into the symbolism and meaning behind the 8 of Swords. Get ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery and liberation as we unravel the mysteries of this captivating tarot card.

Heading 1: The Awakening Experience with Rich Lopp and The Leo King

Sub-heading 1: A meeting of minds

The combination of Rich Lopp’s profound understanding of tarot symbolism and The Leo King’s astrological expertise creates an enlightening experience like no other. Their collaboration brings forth a fresh perspective on the 8 of Swords, exposing the hidden truths behind denial, feeling trapped, and repression.

Sub-heading 2: A deeper understanding of the 8 of Swords

The 8 of Swords is often portrayed with a blindfolded woman surrounded by eight swords, symbolizing a state of mental and emotional entrapment. Rich Lopp and The Leo King delve deeper into the meaning of this card, guiding us through the journey of breaking free from the shackles of self-imposed limitations and embracing personal liberation.

Heading 2: Unlocking the symbolism of the 8 of Swords

Sub-heading 1: Denial and self-imposed limitations

One of the key elements represented by the 8 of Swords is denial. Through Rich Lopp’s insightful interpretation, we understand that denial can be a defense mechanism used to protect ourselves from uncomfortable truths. However, this denial ultimately hinders our personal growth and prevents us from reaching our full potential.

Sub-heading 2: Feeling trapped and restricted

The image of the blindfolded woman surrounded by swords reinforces the theme of feeling trapped and restricted. The Leo King enlightens us about the notion that these constraints are often self-created, brought about by our fears and insecurities. Rich Lopp emphasizes that in order to liberate ourselves, we must first acknowledge and confront these self-imposed limitations.

Sub-heading 3: Repression and its consequences

Repression, another aspect embodied by the 8 of Swords, refers to the act of burying our true selves deep within, out of fear or societal pressure. The Leo King and Rich Lopp emphasize the detrimental effects of repression, highlighting the importance of embracing our authentic selves and living a life true to our desires.

Heading 3: Steps towards liberation

Sub-heading 1: Recognizing the patterns

The awakening experience calls for introspection and self-awareness. By recognizing the patterns of denial, feeling trapped, and repression in our lives, we can begin to dissolve these patterns and create space for personal growth. Rich Lopp and The Leo King provide valuable insights into identifying these patterns and understanding their origins.

Sub-heading 2: Embracing vulnerability and surrender

In order to break free from the chains of the 8 of Swords, vulnerability and surrender are essential. Rich Lopp encourages us to embrace vulnerability as a strength rather than a weakness, allowing us to release the need for control and surrendering to the flow of life.

Sub-heading 3: Seeking guidance and support

The journey towards liberation can be daunting, and seeking guidance and support is crucial. The Leo King and Rich Lopp remind us of the power of community and the importance of connecting with like-minded individuals who can offer guidance and encouragement along the way.


The awakening experience with Rich Lopp and The Leo King opens our eyes to the profound symbolism behind the 8 of Swords. Through their insights and guidance, we are empowered to confront the denial, feeling of being trapped, and repression within ourselves. Embracing vulnerability, recognizing patterns, and seeking support become important steps towards liberation. So, are you ready to embark on this transformative journey, breaking free from the chains that have held you back? Remember, the power lies in your hands to unleash your true potential and live a life of authenticity.

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