The Awakening Experience w/Rich Lopp + The Leo King – Five of Swords – Determination, Shady, Pushy

I recently had the incredible opportunity to participate in an awakening experience led by Rich Lopp and The Leo King. This transformative encounter centered around the Five of Swords tarot card, symbolizing determination, shadiness, and pushiness. Join me as I delve into the profound insights gained from this enlightening session and explore the depths of self-discovery and personal growth that awaited.


Hey, it’s me, Rich Lopp, and I want to take you on a journey through an awakening experience I had with The Leo King. This experience revolves around the Five of Swords card from the Tarot deck, and it taught me a lot about determination, shady situations, and being pushy. So grab a cup of coffee, sit back, and let me share my insights with you.

Heading 1: The Leo King – A Guide Through the Stars

Sub-heading 1: Meeting The Leo King

When I first met The Leo King, I was intrigued by his astrological insights and his ability to connect with the spiritual realm. His knowledge of the Tarot cards fascinated me, and I knew I was in for an eye-opening experience.

Sub-heading 2: Exploring the Five of Swords Card

During my session with The Leo King, he revealed the Five of Swords card to me, and it immediately captured my attention. This card symbolizes conflict, deceit, and the need to be assertive. Little did I know, it was about to teach me some valuable life lessons.

Heading 2: Determination – The Key to Overcoming Obstacles

Sub-heading 1: Embracing Challenges

As I delved deeper into the meaning of the Five of Swords card, I realized that determination plays a significant role in overcoming obstacles. Life is filled with challenges, and it’s our determination that propels us forward and enables us to achieve our goals.

Sub-heading 2: Channeling Inner Strength

The Five of Swords card also taught me the importance of channeling my inner strength in difficult situations. It reminded me that I have the power to overcome any obstacle that comes my way, as long as I believe in myself and stay determined.

Bullet points:

  • Relying on determination to overcome challenges
  • Drawing strength from within when facing adversity

Heading 3: Navigating Shady Situations

Sub-heading 1: Recognizing Manipulation

One aspect of the Five of Swords card that resonated with me was its association with shady situations. It reminded me to be cautious and aware of people who may try to manipulate or deceive me. The card urged me to trust my instincts and be mindful of the intentions of those around me.

Sub-heading 2: Setting Boundaries

To navigate through shady situations, setting boundaries is crucial. The Five of Swords card reminded me that it’s okay to say no to anything that doesn’t align with my values or makes me feel uncomfortable. It taught me the importance of protecting my well-being and staying true to myself.

Numbered list:

  1. Recognizing manipulation and deceit
  2. Trusting instincts and being mindful
  3. Setting boundaries to protect well-being

Heading 4: The Art of Being Pushy

Sub-heading 1: Asserting Yourself

Contrary to popular belief, the Five of Swords card taught me that being pushy can sometimes be necessary. It’s not about crossing boundaries or disrespecting others, but rather asserting yourself when needed. It’s about standing up for what you believe in and not backing down in the face of adversity.

Sub-heading 2: Balancing Assertiveness and Respect

Finding the right balance between being pushy and being respectful is essential. The Five of Swords card guided me to communicate my needs and desires assertively, but also to listen to the views and opinions of others. It reminded me that assertiveness doesn’t mean bulldozing others, but rather finding a middle ground where everyone’s voices can be heard.


In this awakening experience with The Leo King and the Five of Swords card, I learned the significance of determination, shady situations, and being pushy. It reminded me of the power of determination in overcoming obstacles, the need to navigate through shady situations with caution, and the art of assertiveness when necessary. So, embrace your determination, trust your instincts, and find that perfect balance between being pushy and being respectful. Keep pushing forward, and remember, the path to self-discovery is an ongoing journey.

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