Sagittarius May 2023. Scorpio Lunar Eclipse activate your 12th house & Jupiter Enter The 6th House!

Welcome to our latest blog post where we’ll be discussing the astrological insights for the month of May 2023, specifically for those born under the zodiac sign of Sagittarius. With the Scorpio Lunar Eclipse activating your 12th house and Jupiter entering the 6th house, there are a plethora of changes and opportunities that await you. So, sit back, relax, and let’s dive in to discover what the universe has in store for you this month.

Sagittarius May 2023: Scorpio Lunar Eclipse Activate Your 12th House & Jupiter Enter The 6th House!

The month of May 2023 is looking to be an interesting time for Sagittarians, as both the Scorpio Lunar Eclipse and Jupiter entering the 6th house will bring about significant changes. The Scorpio Lunar Eclipse will activate your 12th house, indicating a time to let go of anything that no longer serves you, while the entrance of Jupiter in the 6th house will bring personal growth and expansion in the areas of health and work.

So, buckle up and brace yourselves for the ride as we delve into what this astrological phenomenon has in store for the Sagittarians.

Scorpio Lunar Eclipse activates your 12th house

The lunar eclipse in Scorpio on May 12th will activate your 12th house. This house represents the subconscious mind, hidden fears, limitations, and all the things that hold you back. This is the perfect time to open up to self-reflection and dive deep into your subconscious to let go of emotional baggage that may be blocking positive changes. It is also advisable to avoid making major decisions during this time as the energy may make you feel more sensitive, confused, or overwhelmed.

Some key points to follow during this period:

  • Stay open to the energy of the universe; it might bring a turning point in your life.
  • Avoid taking hasty decisions and tread carefully before taking any major action.
  • Write down your fears and limitations on paper and burn them in a safe place to let go of them symbolically.
  • Take help from a counsellor or a friend if needed to deal with emotional upheavals.

Jupiter Enters the 6th House

May 22nd will see Jupiter entering your 6th house, which represents work, health, and daily routine. Jupiter is known as the planet of growth and expansion, and its entrance will bring a massive opportunity for personal growth and success in the areas of work and health.

Here’s what you should do to take advantage of this celestial event:

  • Focus on work with renewed energy and enthusiasm as you will be filled with vitality.
  • Make healthy lifestyle changes like eating better, staying active and adopting a more disciplined routine.
  • Be ready to grab opportunities as it comes your way, there are chances of sudden growth in your professional ventures.
  • Be wary of overconfidence, don’t take unwarranted risks, and don’t overlook details.


May 2023 will be a month of significant growth and change for the Sagittarians. The Scorpio Lunar Eclipse activating your 12th house will give a chance to let go of negative emotions, limiting beliefs that had been holding you back. Also, with Jupiter entering your 6th house, you will see a development in the areas of health and work. So, make the most of this month by staying grounded and taking action upon opportunities presented to you. By staying open to the ebb and flow of the cosmos, you can bring about life-altering changes in your journey of self-improvement.

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