#sagittarius July 2023.Nodes Channing Signs Will Become Ur Lucky Coin! Venus Retro Protect Ur Steps

Have you been eagerly waiting for the month of July 2023? Well, get ready, because as a Sagittarius, this month holds some exciting opportunities for you! The nodes of Channing signs are aligning in your favor, turning into your very own lucky coin. And that’s not all – Venus Retro is here to protect each step you take. So, get ready to embrace the amazing cosmic energy coming your way and make the most of this incredible month!


In July 2023, Sagittarius, buckle up as the celestial forces align to bring you a stroke of luck! With the nodes changing signs and Venus retrograde, this month holds the potential to become your lucky coin. Get ready to navigate through the cosmic energies that will protect your steps and open doors of opportunities. It’s time to delve deeper into what this month has in store for you, dear Sagittarius.

The Changing Nodes: A Shift in Destiny

The Universe is constantly in motion, and in July 2023, the nodes of the Moon will change signs. The North Node will leave Taurus and enter Aries, while the South Node will bid farewell to Scorpio and make its way into Libra. This shift in the lunar nodes will have a significant impact on your life, dear Sagittarius.

  1. Taurus to Aries: Embracing New Beginnings

    • The North Node’s entry into Aries signifies a time of new beginnings and fresh starts for you.
    • Tap into your pioneering spirit, and fearlessly embark on new ventures and initiatives.
    • Trust your instincts and take bold leaps of faith, for fortune favors the brave.
  2. Scorpio to Libra: Balancing Relationships

    • As the South Node moves into Libra, your focus will shift towards your relationships and partnerships.
    • It’s time to find a balance between your personal needs and the needs of those close to you.
    • Embrace diplomacy and compromise, as you work towards building harmonious connections.

Venus Retrograde: Reflecting on Love and Finances

In July 2023, Venus, the planet of love and finances, will turn retrograde in Virgo. This cosmic phenomenon calls for a period of introspection and reflection in matters of the heart and money.

  1. Love and Relationships:

    • This is a time to reassess your relationship dynamics and review your expectations.
    • Dive deep into your emotions and explore any unresolved issues that may be hindering your personal growth.
    • Use this period to communicate openly and honestly with your partner, fostering deeper understanding and connection.
  2. Finances and Material possessions:

    • Venus retrograde urges you to review your financial strategies and spending habits.
    • Take a keen look at your investments, budget, and long-term financial goals.
    • Identify areas where you can make improvements and focus on creating stability for the future.

Unlocking Your Lucky Coin: Seizing Opportunities

With the changing nodes and Venus retrograde on your side, July 2023 offers a plethora of opportunities for Sagittarius. Here’s how you can make the most of this fortunate time:

  1. Embrace Change:

    • Step out of your comfort zone and embrace the winds of change that are blowing in your direction.
    • Be open to trying new things and exploring uncharted territories.
    • Opportunities may arise when you least expect them, so stay vigilant and seize the moment.
  2. Trust Your Intuition:

    • Your instincts will be your guiding light during this month.
    • Trust yourself and listen to the inner voice that nudges you in the right direction.
    • Don’t second-guess your decisions, as you have the cosmic support to back you up.
  3. Focus on Relationships:

    • Nurture your existing relationships and cultivate new ones.
    • Collaborations and partnerships may be the key to unlocking success and abundance.
    • Surround yourself with positive and like-minded individuals who inspire and uplift you.
  4. Reflect and Realign:

    • During Venus retrograde, take the time to reflect on your desires and goals.
    • Realign your actions and intentions with your true passions and aspirations.
    • Use this period of introspection to shed old patterns and emerge with a renewed sense of purpose.


In July 2023, Sagittarius, the changing nodes and Venus retrograde will act as your lucky coin and protect your steps. Embrace the opportunities that come your way, trust your intuition, and focus on nurturing your relationships. Use this time of reflection to realign with your true desires and create a path towards success. With the cosmic forces on your side, this month holds tremendous potential for growth and abundance. Seize the moment and let the magic unfold!

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