Cancer April 2023 Tarot – “This Path Is Perfect”

Hello cancer welcome to your April 2023 Tarot card reading [Music] Hello everyone welcome back to the Channel thank you all so much for being Here for those of you who are new my Name is Jane So this month is a very Exciting month now we are going to be Talking about the astrology in a Separate video just like I did last Month so be sure to check in in the next Couple of days uh to kind of get that Astrological forecast update as well This video we are focusing on the tarot Card predictions so you are welcome to Watch for either your sun moon or rising Sign whichever you feel compelled to do Also just to keep in mind that if you Are a member on the website don’t forget To log in to view the comprehensive Reading if you’re not you can still Always just purchase a one-off just like Always but if you would like to become a Member all that information is in the Description box down below so we’re Going to keep that short and sweet today Let’s go ahead and get into the reading Thank you all so much and I’ll see you In just a second Hello cancer welcome to your monthly Tarot card reading for April 2023 we are Going to get started with a card from my Intuitive deck here so let’s take a look And see what comes through

Okay Um I don’t know that this is the time Spend any energy on being confused about Something Okay You don’t have to worry so much about How you’re gonna go about do like this Is a great time to just Keep doing what you’re doing And To have a lot of trust and a lot of Faith that the right things are going to Be coming in because I’m kind of seeing These things on the side here coming in At every angle and these are really Really really small things People phone calls Financial Opportunities whatever they’re all Coming in but they’re all here sort of Keeping you going straight I don’t know that the universe is Wanting you to completely Veer off Course right now with Mars in your sign This is about going directly in the Place that your mind has really just set Itself to You don’t have to overthink you don’t Have the second guess you don’t have to Go back and revise you just keep going Straight And I’m seeing what I’m hearing is like You have the green light cancer your Your plans have been green lighted your Projects have been

Like whatever and let’s say you have a Certain something that you’re trying to Manifest let’s say you’re trying to Manifest a romantic partner okay I also don’t even know that you need to Spend a lot of time doing that because As you’re going straight it’s likely That your potential new significant Other is poop gonna pop in There that new person is a part of you Going straight It’s a part of you on this current path That you’re already on You’re not needing to make all sorts of Revisions to anything it’s like just Keep going just keep doing this just Keep you know doing your goals and Paying attention to your body and paying Attention to your intuition and keep Working and you know whatever it is just Just keep going There doesn’t seem to be a lot of advice Here in terms of doing anything Different Or doing anything differently So what else does the universe need from You cancer as we pull out the major Arcana card for you Foreign It’s like the the the current path Is actually Leading you to a whole new beginning and I know that sounds very generic with the Full card

And I know you probably can’t see it yet Because you’re looking around at your Life and you’re like okay well my work Is the same my romantic situation is the Same my home is the same everything is The same Jane so why are you telling me It’s going to be a whole new beginning It’s probably going to be a really Subtle new beginning quote-unquote It just kind of also just pops in It’s what we call in the New Age Community a timeline shift That is not even noticeable at all And this month might be the month that You make that pivot Now the effects are not going to be Obvious right away It’s probably one or two seemingly small Decisions that ultimately have a massive Impact And I think it’s going to be really easy I don’t know that cancer is in a Position where things need to be Especially hard unless you are making it Hard or unless you have like a Significant other or someone that you’re Co-creating with that’s making it really Difficult but what I’m sensing here is That this is an effortless Trajectory that you could be on with Absolutely zero obstacles And it’s gonna open something up for you And I hope you’re ready I think a lot of cancers feel ready they

Feel ready for Getting out of that plutonic stagnation You know and what I love is having Mars In your sign but you also have Saturn in A really positive harmonious Trine with Your sign as well which means he’s sort Of Positively adding to your saturnine Experience okay adding to The structures that you’re hoping to set Up for yourself in your life now in your Environment you have a Queen of Wands This may be someone you know personally Or it may be someone that you just know Of you know like you know of them Through social media or through some Other means maybe you like their books Or something I don’t know that the Queen of Wands is Especially involved in anything right Now But I do feel that the Queen of Wands is Really supportive but she is also Focused on her own stuff if this is in Fact a significant other or a sibling or A friend or a co-worker this Queen of Wands like will be there for you but Only to an extent this is not someone That you should be running every little Tiny thing by them They won’t really be able to like Hand hold you through anything not that You need it really but they won’t be Able to in case you do

This is someone who’s just gonna say They’re gonna listen to you for like 10 Minutes and be like this is how to solve The problem or this is what you should Do or try this or whatever the case is And then they’re gonna go on with their Business What I think cancer needs right now are People who are just going to be able to Look in Hmm Offer some really really good ideas and Then get out I don’t think cancer wants Anyone meddling in their process this is The beautiful thing about Mars there’s a I can do it myself mentality I can do it You know I just need you to maybe show You show me how or tell me how but I can Do it and for some reason that means Something to cancer right now being able To do it on their own needing to prove It to themselves especially if this Comes down to manifestations this isn’t Something that you expect anyone to Really shoulder for you right now Um I don’t know that you you have it in you To really request anything from anyone It’s just you need some guidance and I Feel like that Queen of Wands is like a Little Angelic presence here who is Offering you exactly the amount of Guidance that you are requiring and Nothing more and nothing less

I do trust this person I do trust their Ideas They may not necessarily fit for your Personality though This person is coming from a perspective Of Well first of all this is an Aries card And I know you’ve got Aries in your Tenth you’ve got a lot of of course it’s Aries season so there’s a lot of Aries In the chart Excuse me But um They’re really Straight Shooters And they don’t usually take the time to Think about how they feel about Something okay Just because this is something that they Would do Doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the way That you have to do it in order to Accomplish it You may take portions of their advice or Portions of their ideas and Implement Small parts of it now you may not see The results that they see but at least You’ll feel good about it and I think That’s the important thing Is seeing feeling good about it And you will see some results I’m not Saying you won’t see any Okay so what else for cancer The Ten of coins An ace of Wands

And adjust this card So honestly you know this really is This straight this kind of path that You’re on here It’s to the Ten of coins and what I like About the ten of coins I always say you The viewer get to really inter inject A meaning here you get to inject a Picture of the quote-unquote perfect Life and and I say that you know Not literally but in an ideal world what Would your life look like what would Your relationship look like what would Your bank account look like what would Your schedule like all the things what Would everything look like that’s what The Ten of coins is really all about This does feel like a month of Manifestation it doesn’t mean that all The manifestations are gonna actualize But this is the time of initiation for a Lot of things okay And uh With the Ten of coins it’s a it’s a it’s A card of validation for you cancer That this Way you’re already going is already Perfectly aligned with your ten of coins And whatever this fool is whatever this New beginning this new project this new Whatever that starts this month Is just like going to facilitate And accelerate Your path toward this

I do think cancer should be really Receptive of opportunities with that Ace Of Wands I’m not saying you have to take Everything and I’m not saying you have To listen to everyone’s advice But there are going to be some good Things that come down the pipeline for You and I would hate to see cancer Rejecting those things simply because it Wasn’t what they originally had intended I do feel the universe wants to make This easy Universe does not want to make This hard on you there’s no need for Stress or worry or anything like that And with the Justice card what this Tells me is that things are balancing Out I think you’ve been on this Trajectory for quite some time you’ve Been you know the momentum is pretty Strong And if you feel you’re like oh my gosh I’ve been doing this forever and I’ve Got nothing I haven’t seen results I I Don’t have a ring on my finger yet I Don’t have that money yet I don’t have That award yet I don’t have that house Yet where is it you know this seems like A month where those scales are starting To balance and what I mean by that is The As Above So Below is coming into it Into a match so what you have internally In terms of your emotional state your Vibrational State you know we can do all The law of attractiony type of things

What’s going on inside of you Is It’s starting to like that the scales Are starting to tip now toward the External world it’s not just going to be Internal anymore it’s going to now shift To be external as well And that’s the thing with manifestation That you know not I’m not saying no one Talks about people talk about it but It’s not as Fun of a conversation To talk about how the external world There’s a significant time delay You know there’s a significant Lag period Because you may have been in this mental State this emotional state for a long Time in fact this card actually proves To me like yeah you have been in that State for a very long time And only just now are you starting to Really see the scales tipping and are You really starting to see the things That you’ve been hoping to see really Start to show up Okay okay fine I’ll take both of these Apparently okay five of Wands and ten of Wands Now I see some difficult personality Okay well I I love The Wheel of Fortune With the Justice because this feels This feels very sweet and satisfying You know sometimes when we do our quote

Unquote manifestations We set everything in motion we go go go And then nothing happens and we get Bored and we move on to the next thing And then by the time we move on to the Next thing then this old thing happens And we’re like that’s old news I don’t Even care about that anymore I’m already Like 20 steps ahead you know but I I It’s very rare when Like that moment that you really want to Have it and the moment where you Actually get it merge And I feel that there’s a merging here Something beautiful is is really coming Together for cancer But I don’t see that everyone sees it That way with this five of Wands I think There are people who are going to Struggle with that maybe they look at You with your ten of coins and they Don’t believe that they can have it too Or they don’t believe that they’re going To be a part of it Or they think you’re silly or ridiculous Or I don’t know but there does seem to Be some difficult personalities someone Now with cancer in your sign you I’m Sorry cancer in your sign with Mars and Your sign Cancer you are more likely to Butt heads with people now if you’re not A naturally aggressive person I’m not Saying that now all of a sudden you’re Gonna be like getting in fights with

People or anything but I I do think Mars Gives you that capacity to really stand Firm and stand your ground really strong Like in a strong way with a strong Presence and an undeniable empowerment Which could be different for some of you Now some of you may natally have that And it’s a very natural thing for you Others of you may not if you don’t I Think that’s something that might take People by surprise oh cancer is Standing up cancer is saying something They’re asserting a boundary they’re Actually saying what they feel they’re Actually doing this or doing that and You know their reaction to that might be A little Defensive Um Now you may also have things going on With other people in your life meaning You’re not necessarily involved in the Ruckus But you end up Becoming a peacemaker it might go the Other way where you become The Peacemaker for other people’s stuff And it’s not necessarily that you Want to be a peacemaker for them I’m not Saying you don’t love and care about Them maybe maybe you do but that’s not The real motivation The real motivation is you don’t want to Deal with it or hear about it because it

Pulls you down You know and With the Ten of ones you have enough on Your plate as it is you have enough Going on as it is You’re dedicated you’re committed you’re Powering through here you’re making Something incredible happen And That’s where you want to be that’s what You want to be doing with your time and With your energy like you don’t have Time for this You only have time for things that Really matter Now if you have a spouse or a Significant other or you live with Someone or you have children You have other types of intimate Relationships and you get into this like You know head-to-head heated discussion If you do in fact get into that Uh I think you’re you’re pretty much Going to do everything in your power to Put it to rest as quickly as you can Because again you don’t want anyone to Have this effect on you You don’t want anyone to pull you away Or to suck energy out of you because Your energy is so special and so needed For what it is that you’re trying to do Now while this path may not necessarily Seem very complicated because it seems To be what you’ve already been planning

Right like I say you’re already pretty Aligned Maybe knowing that knowing that you are So aligned you’re going to protect that Even more You know And you should be protecting it and this Does seem a little bit like a threat It seems like a threat because I think It’s from people who don’t understand You know Um and they’re too caught up in their Own You know feelings or their own egos or Their own Perception of the world or whatever and It’s just it seems silly to me it does Seem very Petty If you’re dating or trying to date You might not have a lot of luck with Like going out there and trying to date This might be a time for cancer to just Again continue on With their life plans as was originally Planned and you can probably expect I’m Not saying it will happen in April but At some point sooner rather than later That really wonderful person that you’ve Been dying to meet is just gonna Boop Just pop in All of a sudden they’re in your life Completely effortless And at the emotional and spiritual Maturity level that you really need

Okay eight of Wands I love to see it we Have the hermit Why am I feeling like cancer needs to Fly so low with that hermit cancer needs To fly so low briefly not entirely and Not indefinitely Just for for a while Um Now when I say fly solo obviously some Of you are already married or whatever But there does seem to be things that You need to do for yourself Things that you need to do to keep your Nose down to keep your head in your own Business And you you need other people to just Not get involved you need other people To not interject unless explicitly asked And that’s what I love about this Queen Of Wands is that she’s she’s not Meddling because she’s so busy she does Not care But when you come to her and you ask She’ll tell you what she thinks and then Go on with her business Like I say this seems like something you Want to do for yourself here hermit solo Mode You know like you don’t want your like If you already have a significant other You don’t want them to get involved in This You don’t want them to try to come in And control it or come in and try to fix

It or whatever like Cancer’s like no I Can and will Do this on my own you know I’m gonna Move my microphone thing here Um then we have the eight of Wands It’s interesting this is kind of going In the opposite direction I just I just sort of feel like cancer Is gonna do anything To get away from the stuff that is not Coherent with the life that they are Trying to build Actually cancer you might be incredibly Inaccessible right now very few people Having access to you in a real way now Obviously if you’re at a workplace you Have to communicate with your team and All that but when it comes to Your heart I mean it’s hard enough to get into a Cancer’s heart anyway But it’s especially hard right now I don’t know that you’re really wanting To share a lot of the intimate details Of your life you’re not wanting to Even really go inside yourself I don’t Know that this month is about healing It’s it’s not necessarily about Your traumas or anything like that what It feels like is accomplishing your your Worldly goals right 10th house with Aries activation we’re gonna have Taurus Activated later on uh Jupiter is still Coming through that 10th house here so

It does feel More Materially driven And it feels right that’s the thing is It it feels right to be focusing there Now that Knight of Cups I don’t think is You I feel like it’s someone that’s not with The program Like really just not with the program And it might be someone who with the Five of Wands too they they just don’t Like they just don’t get it [Music] Um They’re really caught now Knight of Cups Can be a beautiful person And they have really pure intentions Most of the time And I think this one does have pure Intentions but They’re just not Seeing what you see cancer They’re not seeing the same kind of Future that you see like let’s use a Dating scenario because that’s something We all understand but please remember This is just an example for Visualization purposes This might let’s say you’re you just Started dating someone and you have an Incredible connection and you love being Together and it’s wonderful the sex is Great the communication is deep you can

Talk about all sorts of wonderful things But this person Maybe they don’t have a really great job And they don’t have a lot of money And They’re not really in a place where they Can think about getting married and Having children which maybe that’s what You want So when you’re like you know I really You know we need to think about our Future and when are we going to get Married and how many kids do you want You know this might be someone who’s Like I just want to be together all I Want is you But they’re kind of caught up in this Like emotional fantasy world because it Feels so good but they don’t really have The Practical stuff going on in their Life like it’s too lopsided toward the Good feelings and the emotion and Chasing the exhilaration but they don’t Really have the stability this is what I Mean like either they’re not with the Program and so if you end up trying to Break up with this person it’s like but I love you but I love you but I love you Isn’t that enough you’re like it’s not There’s no future here but I love you But I love you no there’s no future here Okay this is what I mean it’s kind of How the Knight of Cups is is coming out To me right now

And that might be hard and this is why Maybe you need to go solo with something Here Sometimes it’s I don’t even know that You’re gonna really even be able to Communicate all that well with the Knight of Cups Because their field of vision is just a Lot more narrow than yours Okay you’re looking at wide open spaces And this person is looking at their Cup Right in front of them and that’s it All right they’re not looking anywhere Else Where here you’re looking up and out and Your heart is open and here they’re Covered in armor they may talk all about Their feelings or they may talk all About you know their dreams But they’re blocked they’re completely Shut off And I think you can tell you can feel That difference You’re open they’re not And that’s it and there’s nothing you Can do to open this person up Okay they just have to go through life And learn So let’s pull up Hold on I’m not ready yet actually well We got three cards we’ll take them We’re gonna pull out the clarifiers for The comprehensive reading the link for That is found in the description box in

The comment thread down below we Normally talk for another like 25 to 30 Minutes about all the cards I’m about to Pull out so if you want to join you are More than welcome Okay so we have a king of corn yeah see A king of coins a king of Cups vastly Different from a Knight of Cups okay So what else is going on in the Environment for cancer Hermit Eight of Cups yeah you do seem to be Walking away from something Or drifting let’s say drifting away it Feels more energetic than it feels Physical I don’t think physically you’re Moving away from anything I mean well Some of you might be but most of you Probably not but emotionally and Spiritually you are drifting away from a Certain thing or place or way of life Ah beautiful the lovers on top of that Ten of coins Judgment And five of cups well the Five of Cups Certainly goes on with the FI with the Eight of Cups Another five of Wands there Eight of coins And a nine of coins Justice we have death Six of cups And another hermit my goodness this is What I mean you have to do this on your

Own Now we have Ace of coins Something controversial about these Aces The Moon I do think cancer is operating on a lot Of faith Three of Wands beautiful Knight of Sword we had a five of coins a Knight of Swords and a three of cups Now for this lovely Wheel of Fortune What do we have Okay cancer you’ve got some choices I Can’t Run away from that part of this reading Seven of Wands Another Justice card Oh another ten of coins We got nine of ten nine of coins ten of Coins ten of coins and ten of cups A lot of really good cards coming out Beautiful we have the empress Oh another king of coins Have seven of coins Another Ace Ace of Swords Ooh Knight of Cups King of Swords yes see uh there’s Something off about that night I knew it Absolutely knew it Ace of cups Two of Wands okay so this is where we Are going to pick up in the Comprehensive if you want to join me you Are more than welcome thank you all so

Much you guys know I love and adore you Have an amazing month and I’ll talk to You soon take care bye

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